Educating the Whole Child
Welcome to GreenWood!

The mission of GreenWood is to provide a quality holistic education to all students by providing opportunities for them to be active, knowledgeable, creative, and conscientious individuals.  GreenWood inspires a healthy balance in life through healthy eating habits, exercise, personal discovery, service learning, and environmental stewardship.  


GreenWood is the first school in Utah to focus on holistic education.  GreenWood is a free public charter school serving grades K-6.  The school is founded by local parents, professionals, and health educators who all share a passion for helping children succeed in all areas of life.  We are currently in the application process; once approved by the Utah State Board of Education, we plan to open our doors in the fall of 2015.  


"If we all did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves." ~ Thomas Edison



Healthy Menu Options

We believe that a healthy child is a more confident child and does better academically, socially, and physically. It is important that we give our children good nutrition in order for their brain, body, and immune system to develop properly.  That's why the menu at GreenWood will incorporate as much organic fresh foods as possible.  There will be no vending machines on site and teachers and staff will serve as role models for the students.


Our children live in a world of busy parents, video games, pressure from school and peers, sports, and extra-curricular activities.  We don't usually think about how this creates stress on our kids but according to USA Today (Nov 4, 2009) kids are more stressed than we think.  Studies have shown that incorporating yoga in school decreases stress levels, increases focus and creativity, increases test scores, and decreases absenteeism.  At GreenWood students will start their day with yoga, meditation, stretching, or breathing exercises. This will allow them to clear their mind and get ready for a fun day of learning.  


GreenWood students will receive a top-notch education.  Our curriculum will be aligned with the State of Utah Core Curriculum standards.  Our goal is to exceed both state and federal testing standards.  We will have strong programs in place to facilitate the learning in English/Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Health & Nutrition, and Physical Education.  All of this will be encompassed by a daily focus on health, nutrition, physical fitness, and environmental awareness.

Expeditionary Learning

At GreenWood, our focus is on learning through experience; that is why we will use the Expeditionary Learning Model (ELM) to teach the curriculum.  This model gives students a hand-on approach to learning through exploration. Out goal is to foster curiosity, self discovery, self-discipline, a desire to learn and create, and compassion in our students.  Our teachers will be trained by ELM experts to ensure the best quality of education is being provided to the students.   

Environmental Awareness

GreenWood students will have first-hand experience in using their environment as a tool to learn.  Our goal is to build a "Green" building.  Studies have shown that green buildings produce less toxins for students to be exposed to.  Studies have also shown that students respond better academically in green buildings due to natural lighting and better air quality.  In addition to the green building, students will have many environmental learning opportunities through various school programs such as: recycling, learning garden, water conservation, nature walks, and green sustainable living.


At GreenWood, students will get at least one full hour of exercise per day.  That is double the amount that most schools in our area provide.  Over the past three decades, obesity rates in America have tripled.  Studies show that overweight, inactive kids are likely to remain overweight as adults. Regular exercise improves coordination, balance, strengthens bones and muscles, and improves overall health.  In addition to the physical benefits of exercise, exercising also promotes social skills.  GreenWood will join the Let's Move national campaign.  You can learn more about Let's Move at

Green School Yard 

At GreenWood, we want our students to stay connected to nature.  Our school yard will be designed to let students explore and play in a natural environment that supports their learning, growth, and development.   Our playground will consist of natural materials and will incorporate obstacle courses, climbing areas, balance beams, forts, digging areas, and large open areas for outdoor classroom activities.  Our goal is to get the students out and enjoying nature while having fun.  To read the 2010 article in USA today regarding Natural Playgrounds click here.  

GreenWood is committed to providing the best holistic education to its students.  We have a lot of work ahead of us and we are confident that the right people will come together to help create it.  For more information on how you can help, click here.

GreenWood supports diversity and accepts all students regardless of race, age, religion, sexual orientation, gender, or disability.